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Lucid - Protagonist

Lucid is a quiet and curious feline. When he was a newborn and was still blind, he was taken away from his mother. He now lives with his brother inside their human owner's house. Some nights, he has dreams of his mother, remembering the smell and the sound of her voice. His brother helps Lucid grow up and try to live a happy and caring life. To mortal cats, Lucid is your normal one year old shy and curious kitten. To the Maus, the servants to the ancient Egyptian Gods, he is something much more unique. After having a near death experience with a monstrous demon, his life quickly changes where he is constantly surrounded by magic and death.

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Brother - Lucid's Brother

While living together under their human master's house, he constantly watches over Lucid and teaches him to hunt mice out in the woods. He has a kind and caring nature and always wants Lucid to live a happy life.

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Lukman (Prophet) - Seeker

Lukman has many skeletons in his closet. For most of his immortal life, he constantly seeks the Sacred Mau who has been prophesied in many of the ancient scrolls he has read. Though out his journey, he was blamed for the lives of his fellow Maus and mortal cats after getting them killed when he thought he found "the chosen one". This costed him the lose of his left eye and he quickly gained the name "The Blind Prophet".

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Thabit (Strong) - Purifier

Thabit is just as old as his close friend, Lukman. He is very strong, brash, loyal and determined to kill any Nightmare in his path - a strong warrior of Amen-Ra. Due to his ties with Lukman, Thabit was dragged into Lukman's problems and was too punished. Thabit has lost many friends due to Lukman's blind journey, causing their relationship to crumble. However, he still tries to remain loyal to Lukman, a piece of him hoping that Lukman finds what he is looking for.

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Rashidi (Wise) - Record Keeper

Unlike the other mice and rat servants for the Maus, Rashidi has a unique and important position: being in charge of keeping records of the Maus' history. Being very wise beyond his years and have read thousands of ancient texts and scrolls from their history, his belief and drive on finding the Sacred Mau is as strong as his dear friend Lukman's. He mentors and navigates Lukman to help him find his goal, but due to Rashidi's past and his twisted physical appearance, his true motives are hidden from everyone around him.

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Zahur (Flower) - Purifier / Second Born

Zahur, a Second Born female Mau, is ranked higher than her old teammate Thabit and is stationed at another Sanctuary. She was assigned to help kill the unique Nightmare threat as well as oversee Lucid's execution. Because of her unique history to Thabit, she can easily get under his skin.

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Nizam (Disciplined) - Servant Of Amen

Nizam is a royal mouse servant to his Amen, the ruler of their Sanctuary. He was ordered to watch over the unexpected mortal feline that Lukman brought in. Very slowly, he begins to see that Lucid is no ordinary feline while he monitors Rashidi questioning Lucid. He obeys his orders and keeps his promises.

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Muse (The) - Ferret

Dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook dook!! "Dook" is the sound a ferret makes when they are excited or happy. This can also be called "To dook" or "Dooking" or "Doing The Dook". Oh, you wanted to know who The Muse is? There is no Bio here, only Dooking!

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